Executive Woman in Construction

Third-generation construction professional with over 25 year’s experience creating, planning, implementing strategic direction of construction operations and development of construction professionals in both a union and non-union environment.


As a servant leader we behave with curiosity, honesty, humility, respect and relentless drive to improve.


Encourage diversity of thought. Create a culture of trust. Foster leadership in others. Be a good listener. Have empathy. Develop others. Big picture thinking. Support innovation. Invest in people development. Dignify all team members.


Understand customer’s vision. Ensure constructability per project documents, cost control measures, adherence to the safety program, adherence to built in quality. BIM integration, milestone schedule, jobsite communication, site logistics – 5S plan, prefabrication strategy.


Set financial goals. Establish risk management approach. Establish project commercial terms, Perform financial audits. Develop risk and opportunity logs. Monitor contingency utilization. Manage timely payment process. Delivered projects as Design Build, CMAR, CMA, CMGC, Self Perform and Maintenance.

Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, Student Housing Industrial, Power, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing

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What you can expect from me

Let’s develop a game plan. I know I can do this. I’ll handle this. Like an Energizer, I keep on going. I am determined to get this done.


  • Be honest with me
  • You can count on me
  • Let’s work together to achieve our goals


  • Don’t interrupt me/others
  • Don’t lie to me.
  • Don’t promise what you can’t deliver

When guiding a group to meet certain expectations, Shelly ensures that everything is working flawlessly so that the job will be done to perfection. Shelly is not content when things are not as she wishes they are. She pushes herself towards perfection until she is satisfied with the end result. When she is leading a group, Shelly enjoys working with people who can follow directions independently. Shelly is very excited to guide people to a goal and it makes them also eager to reach it. Shelly’s compassion for the people she leads is ever present. She continues to encourage others in the face of obstacles because her persistent nature will not allow her to quit.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Delivered large project on time (despite record snow fall), on budget and with a no issues startup. What more can you ask?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Professional Attitude”

I can’t even begin to describe the profound effect you bring to the success of this company. Your professional attitude and diligence is the example all should follow.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Community Involvement”

Your leadership, commitment, passion and can-do attitude is so appreciated. It seems in every community there are a handful of folks that really make a difference – you are one of them.


Favorite Projects

Minnesota Power’s Boswell Energy Center’s 585 MW Unit #4

  • Concrete foundations for all new equipment
  • Mechanical installation of Alstom NID flue gas desulphurization system lime storage and handling equipment., fabric filter equipment, duct work, air compressors, process water equipment, piping and building steel
  • NID electrical building
  • Dry chemical building
  • Waste ash dust collector equipment balance of plant (piping, elevator, miscellaneous enclosures)
  • Concrete foundations and structural steel

One of the most important tools of any project that directly impacts both the quality and the cost is the project schedule. Early involvement helped to align the engineering deliverables to support an aggressive construction surge required to get critical site and foundation work in place to avoid winter impacts. In addition, a significant amount of effort was made to establish pre-fabrication areas to preassemble the deliveries of mechanical duct and equipment into large assemblies. This allowed work to begin sooner, again avoiding elevated work and minimizing winter construction.

St. Olaf College – Buntrock Student Center

The Buntrock Commons, a three-story center, includes cafeteria dining facilities, The Cage (coffee shop), The Pause (a nightclub), a food service area, post office, a small Viking theater, social center, bookstore and facilities for student organizations and campus government, as well as a radio station. The facility encompasses approximately 170,000 sq. ft.

Unique materials were incorporated into the construction of Buntrock Commons. Vermont slate roofing materials for the addition were carefully matched to make a seamless transition between the existing facilities and new structures. Brazilian slate floor tile, recycled lumber architectural trusses, Anigre and Makore wood wall panels, fiber optic lighting, copper wall panels, flame finished red granite, Mankato-Kasota cut stove and quarried Lannon limestone were also included.

The School District of Lee County – Gateway High School (TBC – March 2021)

New 270,000 GSF, 2000 Student High School including development of 55 acre undeveloped site.  Campus comprised of three principal structures including Building A – a three story education building, Building B – one story cafeteria and gymnasium building and Building C – a one story auditorium and fine arts building.  Other ancillary buildings will include central energy plant, field house storage and athletic structures.